Special Event for 12...Masterchef without the tears!

Learn to cook from a pro in a dedicated commercial kitchen where your health and safety are looked after and you have access to everything you need to make some truly awe inspiring food. Maybe you’ll even get to indulge in a bit of Masterchef fantasy amongst the gleaming bench tops! A group of 12 members will form teams to prepare food from a different country in the quest for culinary domination! Fighting it out with woks, pasta makers and kebab sticks, this is a war where the only casualty is hunger. Choose from Spanish, Indian, Lebanese/ Middle Eastern, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Moroccan, Turkish and Italian.

Upon arrival, enjoy a drink, have a bit of a chat and maybe a bit of an icebreaker to get things rolling. This is then followed by a briefing covering the challenge (plus how to win the prize), a safety and equipment briefing. You'll be divided into teams of around 4-6 participants, sent off to your area and...let the fun begin as you slice, dice, poach, roast and fry your way to victory!

Throughout the event, expert facilitators keep an eye on things to make sure everyone has the best chance of success. But you'll also be encouraged to find your own solutions as this is ultimately more rewarding.

Once cooking is finished, everyone is invited to relax and enjoy the delicious food they have prepared.


Where: East Brunswick, Victoria
Date: 29th October, 2018
Total cost:
Deposit: $35
Balance: Due on 4th October
Terms: Cancellation within 7 days forfeits deposit.