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What most men don’t understand about women

What most men don’t understand about women

Why do some men get a a ‘Yes please’ pass my number on and others continue to get a ‘No thank you, he seemed very nice but i was not attracted to him’?

I notice a similar theme happening. The men who don’t get the number are mostly very nice, genuine guys. They’ve come along to dinner with their neat haircut, their fresh clean shirt and clean fingernails. They have their friendly guy smile and answer politely when it is their turn to speak or someone asks them a question.

What most men don't know about women

What most men don’t know about women

Men are programmed to, basically, mate with almost any girl who shows up with nice hair, not too fat and anything better than a ’plain’ face.

Women, on the other hand, have a whole host of things they are looking for. No woman wants to imagine herself with a ‘regular, average man’ even if she is, in fact, a regular average woman. Every woman wants a man like she sees in the movies or reads about in romance books….unfair? Yes!

When an average man goes out, he usually goes like this:
1. Regular, average (boring) clothes,
2. Regular, average (boring) conversation,
3. Regular, average (boring) friendly vibe and
4. No idea how to run the date or manage it, instead hoping that somehow everyone will work out on its own.

  • Imagine if you were going for a job interview and it went like this:
    -Show up to interview in baggy, oversized, average suit
    -Talk about whatever comes to mind, generally average boring work experience, with no forethought or focus on highlights like accomplishments and achievements
    -Have an average, unassuming, regular vibe
    -Come in with no plan for the interview, simply assuming he’ll just “wing it” and hoping he gets the job.

Do you think the job interview would go better is you:
-Show up in crisp, powerful clothes,
-Have well-thought out responses to interview question and insightful comments and queries to make and ask back
-Have a vibe of being excited, a go-getter, and an achiever
-Arrive with a definite plan for how the interview will go-who gel will begin it, how he will manage the middle, and how he will close it at the end.

Of course it would and so will your dinner dates.
Dress with style
Stop looking and acting like a friendly, nice guy.
Be interesting and have a plan.

The women that you find attractive spend a lot of time and money on enhancing their appearance. They put on make-up, have an up to date hair-do, they dress up in interesting clothes that enhance and make the most of their appearance. They wear high heels. They also read books on how to do better with men, how to be successful in dating, and on how men think and what men want. Women are constantly learning how to be more attractive to men and adjusting themselves accordingly. It sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it?

A lot of men are not at all aware of this. They still dress the same way they have for years, talk about the same things with women they talk about with their mates, and hope that, despite it being the man’s responsibility to lead things forward, things will somehow magically work out on their own. The men you see in those advertisements with the muscles and edgy look, were not born like that. They have worked on it over a period of time.

Once you understand what to do to have an advantage, it is just a matter of continually working on being more attractive to women, just as women as working hard to be attractive to them.

That is how a man can become a dashing, debonair chap that women  are interested in and want to date.

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Are you the mystery man?

Are you the mystery man?

Want to know one of the things that makes women shy away from you?

They feel as though you are talking about yourself too much! I know that you are probably thinking “That’s crazy. Women never stop talking.” But there is a difference. Women tend to dramatise, ramble and complain etc. However, the subjects they talk about and share too much of, tend to be their jobs, relationships and other people. That’s when men tune out.

It is better to be “interested” than “interesting”
On the other hand, men tend to talk about themselves and this causes women to tune out. When you feel the need to be witty, and captivating, remember it is better to be “interested” than “interesting’.

Are you the mystery man?

Are you the mystery man?

The ideal conversation is an equal exchange by both parties with conversation bouncing back and forth. If you go overboard trying to entertain a woman, it usually shows up as insecurity. Don’t try too hard to be the life of the party. It is a sign of attention seeking.

Ask questions and listen more than you talk
Better to take on the role of the investigator. Ask questions and listen more than you talk and try to find out as much as possible about her. Nothing too intrusive to start with. Remember that some people are touchy about disclosing  information about themselves. Ask questions like “Where were you born?” and “Where did you go to school?” After a few dates, you can ask about more personal subjects like religion, family situations and past relationships. You could also then touch on short and long term goals.

Women are intrigued by a mysterious man
Don’t tell her everything about yourself too soon. Keep a little mystery about yourself. If she asks a question, answer, but not tool much information. Keep some things to tell her later. Then ask her another question. Only disclose information about yourself little by little. Focus on getting to know her first. Women are intrigued by a mysterious man and will be more interested in you in the long term if they have to probe to find out about you.

Remember to stop talking about yourself, ask open ended questions to encourage her to talk about herself and Listen. You will have an advantage on the competition and your relationship will be off to a good start.

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Success! A follow up date with her. The secret formula.

Success! A follow up date with her. The secret formula.

How soon should I follow up? Should I Send a quick text? What should I say?

You’ve exchanged number with a lovely woman you met at A table for Six. She has passed her number to you. She will be expecting you to contact her and follow up. What is the best way to do it?

Success! A follow up date with her. The secret formula.

Success! A follow up date with her. The secret formula.

If you would like to improve your chances of a follow up date, call her within three days. If she doesn’t call you back after you have left a phone message, try one more time a few days later. If there is still no response, move on!

When you leave a voice message, let her know you enjoyed meeting her and would like to see her again soon. Don’t just call and hang up without leaving a voice message. That’ s not cool.

If you have a great idea for a follow up date, mention it in your voicemail. Don’t just say something like “Hey, it’s Tim, call me back.”

Women like to hear words of endearment, but not too mushy too soon.
You do have to pursue women, but they are the ones who make the decision.

Your first follow up date should be something special, but not too over the top. Plan something that will give you both an adrenaline rush. That will give you a better chance that she will become emotionally hooked on you. Most women don’t enjoy parachuting out of airplanes, but here are some activities they most probably will enjoy – ice skating, dancing, cycling, motor bike riding, outdoor picnics, boating or indoor amusement park.

Do not plan an overnight date at this stage. It’s too soon and could ruin your chances you may have for a long term relationship. Save that for a little down the track when you have been together for some time.

Beat the competition and become more confident in dating with these follow up suggestions.
Woman begins by resisting a man’s advances and ends by blocking his retreat.” ~Oscar Wilde

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5 secret things women look for at A Table for Six

5 secret things women look for at a Table for Six

Would you like to know what women are really checking out about the men at our A Table for Six singles dinners?

Some of the things that the women are taking note of when they meet you at dinner may surprise you. Or maybe you already know.

5 Things women Look For At a Table For Six

5 Things women Look For At a Table For Six

How you interact with everyone at the table including the other men.
It is an opportunity for them to gauge how you act in social situations. Are you considerate and inclusive in your conversations with everyone at the table?

How you interact with the restaurant staff.
Do you joke around in a “brighten their day and make their job easier way”? Do you treat them with respect and courtesy?

How you deal with settling the bill at the end of the evening.
Are you generous by including a small tip? Are you organised by bringing along cash to put in your share?

Your general attitude to life in your conversations.
Are you upbeat and mostly positive in your conversations? Do you speak negatively about ex-partners or women in general?

Your appearance
Are your fingernails clean? Are your clothes clean, appropriate and fairly up to date in fashion. Do you put in some effort to keep some sense of fitness and health?

I’m sure these are the things that you are taking note of when you meet women at dinner as well. It works both ways. Either way, we appreciate that you have dressed up nicely and come to dinner to meet our lovely female members.



Why some men almost always get the woman’s number

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I’m sure you have heard the dating advice about the “Fear of Failure”. Should you ask the woman for her number?

This traditional Chinese proverb offers some wisdom.
He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask is a fool for ever.”

Maybe you’ve heard this quote by Wayne Gretzky, former National Hockey League superstar.
One hundred percent of the shots you don’t take don’t go in.

Why some men always get the woman's number

Why some men always get the woman’s number

One guy
decides to use this wisdom and asks and fails…over and again.

Guy number 2 decides not to ask for any woman’s number. Even though he meets women he finds attractive and have shown interest in him.

The moral of the story? You can’t win if you don’t try…true enough!
Or “Don’t let the fear of failure hold you back”.

Guy number one didn’t lose anything by asking. But he probably felt a bit deflated. He might have decided there was something wrong with the women he was meeting. However, if he continues to keep asking, he is certain to eventually get a number and a date.

Let me ask you a question!

Would you tackle a crocodile the same way more than once if it meant you came off worse?

Or borrow money from the mafia to pay your debts more than once?

There would be serious consequences!

People who try to do this, don’t live very much longer.

So, fear of failure is a very healthy thing!

But, there is another guy in this story… Guy number three.

Guy number three realises that attractive women get asked for their number or a date a lot. He needs to stand out. How to get the positive response he is looking for? He doesn’t want to waste his time. He wants to meet his special woman sooner.

There are many ways to stand out from the crowd (of men) and impress when asking for a contact number or date.

When you meet a woman you are attracted to…listen and observe! First, listen for her name. If you missed it, there is nothing wrong with asking her again. Call her by her name when you are speaking. It will help you remember it, and she will like it too.

Listen to the things she is interested in. There are a myriad of clues in there to help you in the future.

We have a standard “contact request” message we send. But, what if you asked us to send something special like this?

“Cassandra, I know you love Italian food. “I know this’s not far from your area… they make  the absolute best beef ragu with the most delicious tomato and red wine sauce. The beef is so tender it melts in your mouth. And they have the coldest beer anywhere on earth. Would you like to go there with me sometime soon?”


“Felicity, you mentioned you love jazz music! My favourite jazz band play a fantastic night of  soul soothing and booty-shaking tunes. Would you like to join me for an evening of toe-tapping and great music and atmosphere?”

There is no guarantee this will have the desired response, but maybe she will be very impressed that you took interest in her and what she had to say. It could be a refreshing change.

Why not try this next time you meet a single woman at dinner that you find attractive? We will be delighted to send your personalised contact request.

Our goal is that you have the best possible experience at our dinners and events and especially that you have the best possible chance of getting a contact number of that special woman you met.
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Top 5 first date ideas to take a special woman

Top 5 first date  ideas to take a special woman
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Once you have met a special woman at dinner and it’s time for a first date, here’sthe top 5 first date ideas to take a special woman to help you stand out from the crowd (according to
5. A trip to the local art gallery (for the artsy girl)
4. Local music show – Conversation is important on a first date, but a combo of conversation and pleasant distraction and setting a fun relaxed mood is golden.

Top 5 first date ideas to take a special woman

Top 5 first date Ideas to take a special woman

3. Play tourist – Take your date on a touristy excursion around your hometown and see the city from a different perspective.
2. Ice skating – A great date for women who love to be active. No matter if she doesn’t know how to skate, a great opportunity for holding hands.
1. Try new cuisine – Sharing new experiences together is a great way to build a connection. Try something a little adventurous, a new ethnic cuisine, something neither of you have tried before.

Don’t settle for the standard dinner and a movie date. If you don’t want to be like most men, try some of these. Taking into consideration both of your interests of course.
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Going where the genuine, relationship ready women are

Are you going where the genuine, relationship ready women are?

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Do you know that, as a man the numbers are in your favour at our “A Table for Six” dinners?

A notorious bank robber of 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s America called Willie Sutton kept robbing banks over and over again. The reason he was so famous is because he would inevitably get caught, escape and continue to rob again.

After having a long career as a thief, he was asked why he kept robbing banks even though he knew he would inevitably be caught again.

“Because that’s where the money is.”

What Willie did was morally wrong. But there is something we can learn from him. He understood his chosen profession.

A Table for Six is where the genuine, relationship ready single women are

A Table for Six is where the genuine, relationship ready single women are

Put the odds in your favour of meeting genuine single women

Do you have the information that can help you stop wasting time with judgemental, dismissive women? Do you know how you can put the odds in your favour of meeting genuine single women?

Online dating sites don’t disclose their ratio of male to female subscribers. But, single men tell me their experiences show the odds are against them on these sites. They send messages (kisses) to women they find interesting and attractive. Often the women lack the manners to even bother to reply.

If you have spent anytime on online dating sites, this will be no surprise to you.

The numbers are skewed in the single man’s favour
Here’s the important information for you! The ratio of men to women who understand the value of attending our A Table for Six dinners is skewed in the single man’s favour. You can meet new ladies each week, “in the flesh”.

Single women are comfortable in the small group situation in a restaurant and feel relaxed with no pressure. That is a big reason why they are so attracted to our singles dinners.

Get a huge advantage by attending our dinners
The single men who are in the know about this, understand they have a huge advantage by attending our dinners. They can meet single women face to face, who are interested in a special relationship and genuine partner.

Take the guess work out of meeting a special woman
The singles dinners are perfect for the busy single man! The dinners are coordinated for you. You can sit down for dinner with three single women who you know for sure are single and interested in a relationship. You will meet different women each time and the groups are compatible with you in mind. It takes the guess work out of meeting a special woman.

Why not go where the genuine, single women are?

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Men are hit hard by relationship breakups

Men are hit hard by relationship breakups.

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Men are hit hard by relationship breakups.

Men are hit hard by relationship breakups. Relationship breakups are never easy. The end of a relationship with someone you really care about can cause more pain than most events in your life.
Even if you were the one to instigate the breakup, you will most likely feel a whole range of emotions during the coming weeks and months.
Maybe you can look back now and clearly see the signs that trouble was coming. Or maybe, you still can’t work out how this happened.
Men don’t tend to acknowledge their emotions and feelings and are even less likely to discuss them. So there’s a lot less written about about their side of the situation.
But they certainly feel the range of emotions from disbelief, anger, sadness, loss, depression but sometimes relief.
Studies show that men  might even be affected more by breakups than women.
There are a lot of different variations of breakups. And every relationship is unique. Here are some coping strategies to help single men through those bleak, dark days after a breakup.

Feel the emotions and move through the pain

From childhood, men are discouraged from showing their emotions. “Be a man” and “big boys don’t cry” are phrases meant to hold those feelings in and don’t dare show them. During a relationship breakup, a man may have such strong emotions it overwhelms the instinct to suppress them. Instead of trying to hold them in, just allow them to wash over you. Feel them and know that you are going to feel bad for some time. It is better to really feel those emotions and work through them. To push them down will mean that they will manifest in a different (worse) way.
It may be tempting to cover up your feelings in temporary distractions such as drinking, drugs or working too much. This may help to distract you from the pain temporarily, but it may prolong the healing process that is necessary to move forward.

Men are hit hard by relationship breakups

Men are hit hard by relationship breakups.

Don’t go all out to try to get her back

If your partner did the breaking up, you may feel tempted to go all out to win her back with flowers, poems and gifts. Unfortunately this may just come across as desperate. They could just need some space and showering them with over the top gestures will just make them feel pressured. If they are truly the one for you, no such huge gestures will be needed. You can’t force someone to want to spend their life with you or love you.

Quality sleep helps in moving forward

Sleep can be affected. Your mind is going crazy and can be out of control going over what went wrong. Those conversation you had or wished you had. And what you wish you had done differently. iTunes have a lot of recordings that are effective in helping to replace that mind chatter with peaceful sounds to help you drift off and to get some quality sleep.

Do something for yourself

The temptation to wallow in self pity or sadness can be strong. You are going to have to really take strong positive steps to use this time to your own long term advantage. It’s a good time to take up a new interest. Perhaps something you always wanted to do but couldn’t while you were in the relationship. Doing something creative, like playing a musical Instrument can be therapeutic. Even if you are not normally the creative type. If you would prefer to be more active, it is a good time to be more focussed on fitness. Being active has proven positive effects on mental and emotional well being.

Enjoy being single
There is a positive side to being single. There will come a time when you move from being miserable to realising some of the sacrifices you made in the relationship to keep the harmony. Make the decision to do something you wouldn’t have done when you were in the relationship. Go out with your mates to an all you can eat bar b que meat meal, go and watch some of the fight championships or stay in and watch Batman films.  It’s about enjoying your new single status. It’s making the most of an otherwise painful situation.You may even feel empowered when you realise that you now have the freedom to do the things that make you happy.

Buy a gift for yourself

Spoil yourself by purchasing something that makes you happy. No need to empty your savings account, but sometimes when you are feeling low a hit of retail therapy can give you a boost. Maybe you have put off upgrading your golf clubs, or buying that motorbike you’ve dreamed of owning. Recognise and acknowledge that you can make you own choices to do what makes you happy.

Get away

Taking a holiday away after a relationship breakup is truly expressing your new freedom. It will be different for each man, but the beauty is that you alone can choose. You don’t need to take anyone else’s wishes  into consideration. Take a road trip with no bookings or definite plans. Take a hiking holiday in the wilderness to reconnect with nature. Take some time to find the real you who could be a little wiser now.

Take a step back to look at the failed relationship objectively. Try not to blame anyone. I’m sure you can recognise there were things you could have done differently too. We are all just doing the best we can with what we know at the time. One day you may look back and recognise that the things you have learned from this failed relationship have enabled you to learn and grow and to enjoy a new amazing relationship. When you know more, you can do better.

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