Special Event for 6! "The Vault" with dinner at Saint Urban after

*** 99% EXCELLENT reviews on Tripadvisor ***

"You and your crew have paid a large amount of money to receive the tracking information of the largest private collection of diamonds in the world.

Your crew have been preparing to take the diamonds while they were being transported in the armored truck, but at the last minute, the security team switched the plans. The diamonds are now located in the Vault, the most secure Vault that has ever been built."

Escape Rooms let you use your brain, do something unique, and have fun in a fantastic group!


Feedback from the last event:

"Thank you for including me on the escape room.
Wow what fun!

How quickly it identified the personalities of all!
Omg [name withheld] was an incredible thinker. We would all be still locked in if he was not on our team.
With the two groups the open age was fantastic!"


Where: Swan St, Richmond
Date: 24th November 2018
Total cost:
$73 (includes dinner booking fees)
Dinner: Restaurant TBA
Deposit: $35
Balance: Due on 1st November
Terms: Cancellation after confirmation forfeits deposit.