Would you enjoy helping singles while building a great business?

Perhaps you are curious as to how we work and wanted to find out a little more about our A Table for Six franchise opportunity. Or maybe you are one of many people who are spending a lot of hours every week working at something they don’t enjoy. You may have thought it would be great to have a change.

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But most people haven’t even taken the time to really think about what their passion would be. Take a little time to make a list of the things you enjoy doing most. What brings you joy? Just write it down, don’t stop and think “No, that is silly!”

A little voice may be telling you not to consider being able to spend some time each week enjoying these pastimes. You may believe that your mortgage, your family obligations, your health or your location would make even considering the idea of allocating time to your passion impossible. But “The purpose of living is joy.”

Do some of the things you enjoy include

  • Making a difference in single people’s lives?
  • Organising and/or hosting events?
  • Meeting singles for a coffee to give them information on a new opportunity for change in their lives?
  • Sourcing suitable venues for dinners and events?

Then consider becoming a part of our franchise team. Depending on the territory, you can start out part time. You’ll receive all the training and ongoing support so that you can develop yourself to be a successful franchisee organising dinners and events for singles.

You ‘ll need to bring your best sales skills. But I’ll be your mentor all the way.

If you are ready to find out if this is for you, contact Margaret by completing the inquiry form here

Become the person who takes charge of their lives
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