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5 secret things women look for at A Table for Six

5 secret things women look for at a Table for Six

Would you like to know what women are really checking out about the men at our A Table for Six singles dinners?

Some of the things that the women are taking note of when they meet you at dinner may surprise you. Or maybe you already know.

5 Things women Look For At a Table For Six

5 Things women Look For At a Table For Six

How you interact with everyone at the table including the other men.
It is an opportunity for them to gauge how you act in social situations. Are you considerate and inclusive in your conversations with everyone at the table?

How you interact with the restaurant staff.
Do you joke around in a “brighten their day and make their job easier way”? Do you treat them with respect and courtesy?

How you deal with settling the bill at the end of the evening.
Are you generous by including a small tip? Are you organised by bringing along cash to put in your share?

Your general attitude to life in your conversations.
Are you upbeat and mostly positive in your conversations? Do you speak negatively about ex-partners or women in general?

Your appearance
Are your fingernails clean? Are your clothes clean, appropriate and fairly up to date in fashion. Do you put in some effort to keep some sense of fitness and health?

I’m sure these are the things that you are taking note of when you meet women at dinner as well. It works both ways. Either way, we appreciate that you have dressed up nicely and come to dinner to meet our lovely female members.



Going where the genuine, relationship ready women are

Are you going where the genuine, relationship ready women are?

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Do you know that, as a man the numbers are in your favour at our “A Table for Six” dinners?

A notorious bank robber of 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s America called Willie Sutton kept robbing banks over and over again. The reason he was so famous is because he would inevitably get caught, escape and continue to rob again.

After having a long career as a thief, he was asked why he kept robbing banks even though he knew he would inevitably be caught again.

“Because that’s where the money is.”

What Willie did was morally wrong. But there is something we can learn from him. He understood his chosen profession.

A Table for Six is where the genuine, relationship ready single women are

A Table for Six is where the genuine, relationship ready single women are

Put the odds in your favour of meeting genuine single women

Do you have the information that can help you stop wasting time with judgemental, dismissive women? Do you know how you can put the odds in your favour of meeting genuine single women?

Online dating sites don’t disclose their ratio of male to female subscribers. But, single men tell me their experiences show the odds are against them on these sites. They send messages (kisses) to women they find interesting and attractive. Often the women lack the manners to even bother to reply.

If you have spent anytime on online dating sites, this will be no surprise to you.

The numbers are skewed in the single man’s favour
Here’s the important information for you! The ratio of men to women who understand the value of attending our A Table for Six dinners is skewed in the single man’s favour. You can meet new ladies each week, “in the flesh”.

Single women are comfortable in the small group situation in a restaurant and feel relaxed with no pressure. That is a big reason why they are so attracted to our singles dinners.

Get a huge advantage by attending our dinners
The single men who are in the know about this, understand they have a huge advantage by attending our dinners. They can meet single women face to face, who are interested in a special relationship and genuine partner.

Take the guess work out of meeting a special woman
The singles dinners are perfect for the busy single man! The dinners are coordinated for you. You can sit down for dinner with three single women who you know for sure are single and interested in a relationship. You will meet different women each time and the groups are compatible with you in mind. It takes the guess work out of meeting a special woman.

Why not go where the genuine, single women are?

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A Table for Six

Why wait till the New Year to meet a partner?

New Year is the traditional time for new resolutions. But sooner is always better when it comes to making changes for the better in your life. Why not start today to meet a partner?
Meet a partner this week

There are still almost five weeks left in this year. Just think of what you could achieve in five weeks if you make the decision now.

There is no better time than now to make a change in your life and start creating what you want instead of settling for what you don’t want. Would your (December) resolution be to get a better social life? Christmas could be very different if you start your resolutions now and meet a partner.

Five powerful secrets to success to make your resolutions to meet a partner a reality.

1. Make a list of your most important resolutions. Make sure they are a resolution, not just a wish. Wishes don’t always come true. But a resolution will eventuate if it is followed through.

2. Check in on the list and recommit often. Keep your goals front of mind by reviewing your list.

3. Give yourself a reward when you make a milestone in your journey or when you achieve a resolution or take an important step along the way.

4. Reward and give gratitude to anyone who helps you along the way to achieving your goals.

5. Enjoy the journey and don’t be hard on yourself if the destination looks a little different than you envisaged. I have found that very often when looking back on a situation where I was disappointed that something  didn’t happen, I can see with hindsight that I was being looked after. There was something even better coming along very soon after.

My wish for you is that you accomplish what you set out to do and if that wish is to achieve a better social life, or to meet a new partner, we will be working hard to help you accomplish your mission.

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Meet a partner this week.A Table for Six
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Important Relationship Questions

Important Relationship Questions

Our significant other, our parents or our children may spring to mind. These relationships are significant, but there is one other relationship that is with us all of our lives.

Our relationship with ourselves has a huge impact on our lives. To have a healthy relationship with another, it is first important to love and nurture yourself.

Events for Singles Continue reading

You are braver than you believe!

You’re living in a beautiful apartment in the French quarter in Paris. You’re waking up with the man/woman of your dreams. Around the walls of the apartment, are paintings in various stages of completion. The aroma of freshly baked pastries from the local boulongerie is wafting through the window. Today, together you’ll be exploring a new part of Paris you haven’t yet discovered. You’ll be taking your easels and brushes to spend time painting, only interrupted for coffee and  Beef Bourguignon.

Is it possible to make this life, or your own version of your dream life a reality?

Here’s my top tips for singles who are on the brink and want to build a better social/dating life? They’ve gotten to the point where they know they have to make a change. What are the best action items?

  1. The first and most important thing is to  believe that you can make that change. Our subconscious beliefs are driving our decisions all day every day even though we aren’t always conscious of it. Your thoughts and beliefs are precious. So guard them very carefully. Make sure that you are feeding them with examples of others who have achieved what you desire. Find the best role models (not just average, but extraordinary ones) you possibly can and put their photos and stories everywhere you will see them several times a day.

2. Another great tool is to have a great mantra. Something you can repeat to yourself every time you interact with people who are potential friends or partners. We all have a “chatter box” who incessantly talks to us in our own head. Why not train that “chatterbox” to work in our favour? An example may be “With my head up and an open heart, my life and love are revealing to me.”

Ask yourself what you would like to create. What is your friendship/love intention? Would you like to have a new circle of friends who share your interests? Would you like to meet a new best friend to share your holidays, movies, dinners with? Would you like to meet a partner who wants to move to Paris with you to spend your lives painting the romantic scenery?

3. Don’t limit yourself. Your mantra should come from a place of pure possibility. Even if you may think it’s not possible. Remember your brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and something that we clearly, strongly imagine. Adding clear images, sounds and even smells to your imagined new life will assist in drawing it to you sooner. This allows the brain to rehearse the situation we want to create. Top sports people use this technique to  mentally see themselves getting  a hole in one, or making that high jump.

Changing your life may not be easy, but after going through a huge change in my own life, I can tell you, it’s worth the effort. You need to be brave and to guard your thoughts and who you listen to.

One of the reasons I love being able to offer singles the opportunities to meet, is to be a witness to so many brave people who step up and take a stand for themselves and their lives. I can tell you, most have never regretted following the voice of hope in their hearts.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”
— A.A. Milne

PS. Did this story resonate with you? Or, got a question that you’d like to see me address in the future? Email me to share your question. Your questions or comment will be anonymous of course. :)

Dream big this week,
Margaret Newitt
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It’s a famous question and it’s asked often

It’s a famous question and it’s asked often.

What sort of people will I meet at dinner?

That’s exactly the same I question I would ask if I was inquiring about becoming a member of a Singles group!

What exactly is it that they are looking for? We all know there’s plenty of singles out there who we wouldn’t want to spend out time with. Lately, I’ve been asking more questions of the people who do join our members. What exactly is it that they are looking for?

Here’s some of the answers I received.

They hate Singles who lie about wanting a real, long term relationship.

They need opportunities to meet Singles in an environment where there’s no pressure and it’s all about having fun and making new connections first.

They crave meeting people and having that feeling of “Ah, these people really get me.”

They haven’t been able to figure out where to find all the decent Singles who have dealt with their baggage and have an open heart.

They struggle to deal with Singles who just want to be able to tick off their list of requirements.

They secretly yearn to meet someone who makes the journey seem like the time is right, the place is right and the connection is definitely right.

They are looking for their new best friend.

They want to have that special connection with a partner who treats them with love and kindness, expressed through kind thoughts, loving words and kind actions.

They are totally over spending weekends alone, going to bars, internet dating or meeting people with no manners or consideration.

They are totally into positive, pro-active people and having lots of amazing stories to tell when they are 90.

They are ready right now for new beginnings in dating, creating new friendships and opportunities for romance and love.

These are the answers I will give from now on when new Singles inquiring, ask me that famous question “What sort of people will I meet at dinner?

Do any of these resonate with you? Are there any others you would add to our list?

Is that the sort of person you are?
Margaret Newitt
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Are you a go getter who creates a life they love?

I had a question recently.

Question. Hi Margaret, I  need a change in my life. I’m 43 and I think I’ve missed the boat. I feel insecure about getting out there and meeting people again after a long relationship. It just seems easier to give my attention to my work, and spend my time with my family and friends. Any advice?

In one of my favourite books “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, she asks “do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to really play the piano/ act/ paint/ change my social life, meet lots of like-minded singles and a loving partner?” By the way, I added the last bit about changing your life and meeting a partner etc!

The answer. The answer to this question….The same age you will be if you don’t.

Feedback -I’d happily do it again. Here’s some feedback that came in last week from a gorgeous lady who attended her first dinner. (And she made a new friend already)

Hi Margaret,

I had a lovely night on Saturday and found all the group good company and
very pleasant to talk to and we had plenty to talk about. I have to admit I
was very nervous and walked past the restaurant several times before I went
in. My fears were quickly laid to rest and I would happily do this again. I
give the dinner enjoyment  10/10.
The restaurant and meal was alright. We
weren’t hurried and were able to stay until quite late.
Thank you again for organising a great group of people.

Name withheld

If you believe it, you will see it. Don’t listen to the women who say “all the good men are taken” or the men who say “I can’t find any good women”. These are self-fulfilling beliefs. If you believe there is a shortage of good partners out there, that will be your experience. If you believe there are lots of interesting, classy, kind people for you to meet and choose from, your experience is going to be amazing!

This is your life and I’d love to help. Have you put off something else in your life and now you want to go back and tell your younger self to just do it? If so, I want to hear from you, so that you are congratulating yourself in twelve, six or three months time for being a go getter who creates a life they love. As Nike says “Just do it!”


Margaret Newitt




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Last chance for dinners this year

The dinners this weekend are the last ones for this year. I hope you’ll join in on a dinner this Saturday. We will be on leave next week 15th to 22nd December for a much anticipated break.

We are truly grateful to you for choosing us to go on your (singles) journey with. You are  our  highly valued customers and it has been a sincere pleasure serving you this year.

We hope that you have enjoyed the dinners and learned a little about being single, and about yourself as well. We will continue our efforts to meet your expectations in the future as well. Meanwhile, your unwavering support and patronage is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Each one of you is to be congratulated for being pro-active, positive and for stepping outside of your comfort zone to make a difference in your lives.

Your honest suggestions and feedback on restaurants has helped us shape our service to best fit our members.

The first dinners in the New Year will be 10th January and we have added quiet a few new restaurants for you to enjoy. We look forward to having you out to dinner meeting our fabulous members again in the New Year.

We send you the warmest wishes your way for this Christmas season.


Margaret Newitt



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Would you like to meet someone who really gets you?

Do you ever feel as though you would like to meet someone who gets you? You know the feeling when you meet someone new and you really have the feeling that this person is listening and actually hearing what you are saying. You feel as though they are, if even for a moment, stepping into your shoes and experiencing your journey.

Or, would you like to meet people or a partner who appreciates what you do for them? People who acknowledge what you bring to their life? They value the time you set aside to help you move house, or even the time they happily took you out when you were feeling a little low.

Neale Donald Walsch, the author of the “Conversations with God” series of books, has this message for us: Be the source. In his “conversations”, he received this message: “I was advised by God to no longer be the Seeker, but to be the Source in the life of another of that which I had been seeking in my own life. “What flows through you, sticks to you.”

Most of us have heard the message: Do unto others, as you would have it done unto you. I think most of us interpret this as meaning that if you wish to be treated well, you should treat others well. But, Walsch interprets this to have a further meaning. “When you cause others to have the experience that you wish to have, you, too, must eventually have it.”

We have most probably read that you cannot give away that which you do not have. But it turns out that the act of giving something to another causes you to notice that you have it to give- and that you had it all along.

Walsch says that once he got this message, everything began to make sense- including the teaching that none of us is really “creating” anything, but merely noticing that is already there.

If you would like to experience a grander, more loving, more fulfilled version of yourself, this will come back to you. See the best version of another and let them know that you see it. Help them to see the grandest version of themselves by being a mirror and showing them their reflection.

Many people have listened to people who have told them they are not good enough. They have told themselves the same story and now believe it is true. If you are someone who gives others a rich experience of who they really are, you will be enriched as well.


Margaret Newitt


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Be confident at A Table for Six- it’s irresistible

Maybe you’ve just come out of a long relationship and you’re not ready for dating just yet.

Most of your friends are married or in relationships. They worry about you and try to make suggestions on where to go to meet a new partner. You are getting your self together, taking up some new interests, maybe getting fit again. But you are not quite ready for a full on relationship.

Dating isn’t always about the destination. It’s also about what you learn about yourself and about people along the way. It’s about the experiences you have. Some of them will be funny, terrible or life-changing. And it’s important to know that you are on the right path and taking steps to achieve your dating and relationship goals.

Dr Wayne Dyer says “Remember that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.” So if you’re sure that this is an unfriendly universe, you’ll look for examples to support this point of view. You’ll anticipate people attempting to cheat, judge, take advantage of, and otherwise harm you. You’ll blame the antagonistic, inhospitable cosmos for not cooperating with you in the fulfilment of your desires. You’ll point the finger at belligerent folks and bad luck for the kind of world we all live in. Since this worldview trickles down into every thought you have, you become a person persistently looking for occasions to be offended, and therefore in possession of a whole slew of excuses.”

Wayne’s favourite affirmation when feeling stuck or out of sorts is: “Whatever I need is already here, and it is all for my highest good.” Jot this down and post it conspicuously throughout your home, on the dashboard of your car, at your office, on your microwave oven, and even in front of your toilet! Remind yourself: I live in a friendly universe that will support any thing or desire that is aligned with the universal Source of all. Such a stance will be a giant step toward living an Excuses Begone! life.

If you’re not up to dating yet, just enjoy meeting friends and doing some of the things that you enjoy. Take some time to get your mojo back. Our A Table for Six small group dinners  are a great way to meet other singles and find out who you are in a single world.

And if you want to be irresistibly attractive, be confident, be real and be yourself.

Margaret Newitt



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