Like to catch up? It’s a big ask

A new romance? It’s never too late Have you ever been asked out for a meal or a drink and found yourself having a dialogue in your head about what could happen if you say yes? Would they fit in with my friends? Will they really “get” me? Would they make a good mother/father? Oops,

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Genuine communication is face to face

Genuine communication is face to face January 2020 My name is Rod. I’m a widower and live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Prior to joining A Table for Six, I dabbled with internet dating sites and so-called professional dating agencies. Those alternatives are a poor comparison to A Table for Six. The internet is

A new romance? It’s never too late

A new romance? It’s never too late No matter whether you’re 35 or 75, it’s never too late to fall in love again. Just ask some of our members who have been surprised how they have found love and it has taken them by surprise. I listen to the stories of people’s lives when they

Have you decided you are not dating right now? When we were children , we had big dreams. We believed we could be anything  we wished and could have anything we desired. What happened to those dreams? Life inevitably sends us knocks. And then fear and doubt chip away at our dreams until they’re reduced

 Don’t forget to celebrate your dating progress. So often we have a big goal in mind. We know exactly what we want. “I want a husband/wife?partner who I adore and who adores me.” Maybe they are nowhere in sight just yet. However, It’s important to remember and acknowledge the progress you have made towards your

You can laugh at dating worries…if you follow this simple plan   When you are setting out of your house on an evening out, are you excited and looking forward to having some fun and connecting with new interesting people? Or, does the little voice in your head sabotage you before you even arrive by

Laugh, share sensational stories and appreciate each others’ journeys. There are an endless number of books, movies and television shows that explore the subject of meeting a life partner. They discuss many of the dynamics of relationships and the quest to meet people that we relate to. We are here to be a “safe place”

Are you too busy to prioritise your dating life? “Each day is a new opportunity. I chose to make this day a great one.” Wise words from the inspirational Louise Hay. I’m always interested to hear the excuses that people use for not taking positive action to live their life at their highest level. If

There’s never a better time than now to let love in For singles, every day represents a defining point. Your life can be astounding, or just another day. Life can be rich with adventure, love and experience. Or, it can be mundane and predictable. This drastic contrast is the end result of our thoughts, and

Have You Been Looking For The Wrong Partner? Have you ever been in a relationship where your partner put you on a pedestal? They never stopped letting you know how perfect you are. They told you they loved you after the 3rd date. They introduced you to their friends as their girlfriend/boyfriend  far too soon.