Set yourself apart as a gentleman

Set yourself apart as a gentleman The basic fundamentals of dating and courting a woman have not really changed over time. Your goal should be to set yourself apart from other men she has met and dated by showing a woman that you are genuinely interested in her, and that you will continue to  put

Why she does not return your call

She gave you her number, you have phoned a couple of times and left a message…she isn’t returning your calls. Have you experienced this? What is going on? Rest assured you are not the only man who met a woman, it felt like there was a spark there. She gave you her number to make

5 secret things women look for at a Table for Six Would you like to know what women are really checking out about the men at our A Table for Six singles dinners? Some of the things that the women are taking note of when they meet you at dinner may surprise you. Or maybe

Are you preparing yourself for new love and friendship? When we were children , we had big dreams. We believed we could be anything  we wished and could have anything we desired. What happened to those dreams? Life inevitably sends us knocks. And then fear and doubt chip away at our dreams until they’re reduced

Share your irresistible side

Share your irresistible side Maybe I’m a glass half full person…. But I read a lot of feedback emails every week. There is something I have noticed that is very interesting. There are people who always find good things to say about their experience at dinner. The meal was delicious. The atmosphere was quiet or

Are your friends holding you back from a great relationship? 6 ways to move from single to lots of possible relationships Do you love to get together with your friends and complain about how hard it is to meet a partner? Does it regularly turn into a whinge session when you and your friends are

Surround yourself with the kind of people you want to meet “Just have patience, the perfect person will come along when the time is right.” If you’ve been single for a while, I’m sure you have heard this many times. You probably don’t enjoy hearing it. We have all become accustomed to having what we

New relationships bring new experiences

New relationships bring new experiences When a relationship breaks down, it allows a space for new ones that are fundamentally better for us in our current situation in life, to develop. Even though they will never take the place of someone who holds a very special place in your heart, they will bring new experiences

How to attract the prefect Person for YOU!

How to attract the prefect Person for YOU Some people believe that to find a perfect partner, they need to find someone who shares the same interests, hobbies, falls within a certain age group or looks a certain way. Of course, nobody is perfect. Everyone has some flaws or baggage if they have lived a

Don’t look back and regret the love you didn’t let in If you have a belief that life should always be perfect, you will often be disappointed. When you realise that people and situations are rarely perfect, you can start to appreciate people and the situations in your life for what they are. It is