What is the story you tell about yourself? You’re just about to ask that lady/gentleman you’ve met and really like, to join you for a drink or a walk on Sunday. But, instead you just freeze, smile, nod. You’re paralysed by the fear of getting a no.Or, you almost say yes to a friend’s invitation

Where are you going? Who is going with you? The words of Neale Donald Walsch who became well know from his writing of the series of books called “Conversation with God” are resonating with me at the moment. In order to hopefully pass on some useful information, I have sought out his writings on the

Are you prioritising your dating life?

Are you prioritising your dating life? What is the most important area of your life? Is your love life as important as watching your favourite show on TV or your 40-50 hour a week job? Sometimes I think it must not be. I know you’re busy and have your priorities. If you were at the

Let Love In

Let Love In For singles, every day represents a defining point. Your life can be astounding, or just another day. Life can be rich with adventure, love and experience. Or, it can be mundane and predictable. This drastic contrast is the end result of our thoughts, and life choices. Singles who have an amazing life

Are you reaching your dating goals?

Get my weekly blog here Are you reaching your dating goals? Your dating goals can be elusive. Have you ever made a decision about something in life that you would like to achieve? Have you defined a dating goal you are determined to reach? Then I’m sure you are familiar with the fears and roadblocks

Starting over after a breakup or a long relationship I often speak to singles who have come out of a long relationship. Sometimes it is quite recently and other times it has been some years. They are not sure if they are ready to go out to our singles dinners to meet people again. Starting

Have you decided you are not dating right now? When we were children , we had big dreams. We believed we could be anything  we wished and could have anything we desired. What happened to those dreams? Life inevitably sends us knocks. And then fear and doubt chip away at our dreams until they’re reduced

Simple powerful techniques to use at A Table for Six Why is it that some people are able to connect with a lot of people when they meet, and others struggle to make any connections at all? We’ve all met these popular people. Everyone is attracted to them like moths to a flame. Do you

The secret advantage to connecting with a loving partner Does it seem to you that some people are just always happy and enjoying themselves? Does it seem as though they have the perfect life? Well guess what? They do! But here’s the most interesting and exciting revelation. So can you! Attitude is everything Pop psychology,

New relationships bring new experiences Get my weekly blog here Relationship breakdown When a relationship breaks down, it allows a space for new ones that are fundamentally better for us in our current situation in life, to develop. Even though they will never take the place of someone who holds a very special place in