Like to meet a new partner or friends before Christmas? I know you probably don’t really want to hear that it is only 73 days to Christmas (about 6,367,656 seconds). Has another year really gone so quickly? Can it really be so close to another Christmas? Did you make a resolution at New Year that

To risk, to find love

To risk, to find love. Do you believe you are a risk taker? Below is a beautiful poem I  read again this week. I keep a copy of it and look at it often. It always reminds me listen to myself. To connect with the part of me that is trying very hard to get

Dating life not working?

Face what isn’t working in your dating life “Our lives improve only when we take chances…and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.” ~Walter Anderson Is your dating life not working and you wish to be more successful, you have got to stop, take a deep breath,

Your dating goals

Your dating goals can be elusive. Have you ever made a decision about something in life that you would like to achieve? Have you defined a dating goal you are determined to reach? Then I’m sure you are familiar with the fears and roadblocks that emerge that stop most people. What if we treated these

Meet At Dinner? 8 Good Reasons

Who will I meet at dinner? Before you attend our dinners, remind yourself that you may meet the man/woman of your dreams. But, even if you don’t, he/she may live next door to them. Or, you never know, he/she may invite you along to meet a group of their friends with lots of interesting singles.

Like to know the common interests that almost all of our members share? The lists of their interests almost always include: Getting out and being active in the beautiful outdoors. Spending time with intelligent, quality people. Sampling new and different restaurants and cuisines. Weekends away somewhere interesting. Travel, travel and more travel. Movies, theatre and

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the meeting singles pond for fun or you want to find the right person to spend your life with, be honest about who you  are. The advice is exactly the same for men and women. Smile, open your mind and listen just as much as you talk. Try

Some people believe that to find a perfect partner, they need to find someone who shares the same interests, hobbies, falls within a certain age group or looks a certain way. Of course, nobody is perfect. Everyone has some flaws or baggage if they have lived a life. But to find someone who has the

Relationships are the most important experience in our lives. Without relationships, we are nothing. They let us know who we are. We can only experience who we are in relationship to something or someone else. In relationships we also define and recreate who we are. We might decide that we are smarter, bigger, better at

5 Signs you have been Single too Long

5 Signs you have been Single too Long There comes a time for every single to reevaluate their circumstances to decide if they have been single too long and it is time to make a change, or if they are relatively happy in their single state and happy to stay that way. Being single has