Attitude is everything in finding a partner There are some attitudes that are proven to give us a higher likelihood of finding a long-term partner, or even to gain so much more enjoyment from our dinners.  If we embrace these attitudes, it could very well mean that we will find a “Mr or Ms Right’

Are you fantastic enough?

Are you fantastic enough? It’s great to emphasise the positive things about being single, but having that special someone in our lives can make us feel a lot better in many ways. Family and friends are wonderful, but sometimes they just don’t fill the space that only a loving partner can fill. Having someone to

There’s never a better time than now to let love in For singles, every day represents a defining point. Your life can be astounding, or just another day. Life can be rich with adventure, love and experience. Or, it can be mundane and predictable. This drastic contrast is the end result of our thoughts, and

The art of love is largely the art of persistence Find a partner who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on them, who will lie under the stars and listen to your heartbeat, or will stay awake just to watch you sleep… wait for the one who

10 things that shouldn’t be repeated in relationships We have all made mistakes in relationships. Sometimes our mistakes have a catastrophic effect on our lives. And sometimes we can see with clarity what went wrong quiet quickly. But to have successful relationships, the important thing is to recognise our destructive patterns, make different choices, and

231 Days until Valentine’s Day 2017 Tonight when you lay your head on your pillow, will you feel good about the extra overtime you did? Will you feel pleased about the getting to work a little earlier and staying later to complete those extra tasks? There are 231 days until Valentine’s day 2017. When you

Meet at dinner? 8 good reasons

Who will I meet at dinner? Before you attend our dinners, remind yourself that you may meet the man/woman of your dreams. But, even if you don’t, he/she may live next door to them. Or, you never know, he/she may invite you along to meet a group of their friends with lots of interesting singles.

10 Secrets to Finding True Love

10 Secrets to Finding True Love Dr Wayne Dyer is a well known author and speaker in the area of self-development. In his book “10 secrets of Success” he lists 10 powerful ideas for changing your life (and mine too). The 10 secrets are listed below. But, my favourite at the moment is number 8:

Dating goals-The 5 best questions to ask

Dating goals-The 5 best questions to ask-When our members first join A Table for Six, I always ask them “What would you like to gain from your membership?” The purpose of this question is firstly so that I can note what their goals are in regard to attending our dinners and meeting our members. But

Life comes to you when you declare who you are and what you want! It’s your energy that is continually letting life, the cosmic angels (and other singles) know what you want for yourself. They are continually scanning for hearts that are hungry, intense enthusiasm, a willingness to take bold risks, a brilliant shining light