Ask when you meet someone appealing

“No” is just a word. It doesn’t mean anything else about you! If you asked someone for a contact to catch up again and they said “No,” don’t make it mean anything about you. There are many reasons why they may have declined. Most often it is because of something in their life. Perhaps they

If there is one thing I have noticed during the 10 years I have been lucky enough to offer events for singles, it is that people want to be around, and, by the way fall in love with, happy people. Have you ever met anyone who is physically very attractive and intelligent, but they are

If you asked your female friends who are married or in long term successful relationships if they were immediately attracted to their partner, what would they say? There’s a good chance they would tell you that there was no immediate attraction. When I have spoken to ladies who are married or long term successful relationships,

Obviously I’m not a man! But I do speak with a lot of men who contact us because they are single and would like to meet a suitable lady for a genuine relationship. Some of them decide to become a Platinum Member because they want to meet one on one with ladies we have selected

“I’ve been single for a few years now. My friends have set me up a few times. I’ve tried dating all sorts of people. I’m starting to think that my ideal partner doesn’t exist. Who would want to date me anyway?” It’s easy for people to say to you “Just stay positive and believe.” But

Prepare for your new relationship

One third of marriages are now expected to end in divorce. And yet, when it happens to us, we are often very surprised and/or devastated. The singles and dating scene seems intimidating. It’s a whole new ball game and seems so different than when we were younger. How should we even approach the daunting task

Set goals for your love life

  If you set goals every year about your social life, but haven’t been able to reach them, you are not alone. But fortunately, there’s a way that could make the difference. You won’t be all talk and no action any longer. Set a timeline for your goals and let’s call it S.M.A.R.T. Business consultants

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Perth Singles love A Table for Six

The New Year is the perfect time for new beginnings, and I’m honoured that thousands of singles across Australia have joined us and trust us to give them new opportunities in their single social lives. We are launching in Perth this month and it is making a big impact with a huge number of singles