How do you react to “kind”?

How do you react to “kind”? A lot of the focus on dating is steering us away from true intimacy. There is a lot of importance placed on superficial things like looks, playing games and gimmicks to attract the best looking people. This advice leads us to feeling insecure ourselves and encourages us to be

Forgive yourself, you’re smarter now Our friends and family are telling us to “move on”. “It’s time to get back out there”, they say. Leave the past and your dating mistakes behind. I would like to suggest that it isn’t the ex who treated you badly you need to forgive. It isn’t the former partner

Why don’t I get her number?

Why don’t I get her number? Understanding women can be difficult at any time. Understanding why she doesn’t give you her number can be complicated, but it’s best to uncover the truth and work through it to get a different outcome. Here are some things to consider about yourself. If you identify with any of

Why some men almost always get the woman’s number I’m sure you have heard the dating advice about the “Fear of Failure”. Should you ask the woman for her number? This traditional Chinese proverb offers some wisdom. “He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask is a fool

Top 5 first Date Ideas To Take a Special Woman Once you have met a special woman at dinner and it’s time for a first date, here’s the top 5 first date ideas to take a special woman to help you stand out from the crowd (according to 5. A trip to the local

Are you a repairable writeoff?

Are you a repairable writeoff? My husband decided it was time for a different motorbike. To make space in the garage, that meant selling the one he had owned for some time. He was happy that it didn’t take very long before he had someone interested in buying the outgoing bike. His excitement about buying

“In Sickness And In Health”

“In Sickness And In Health” Have you said those words? If so, when you did, I’m sure you said them with the very best of intentions. When considering if you are interested in dating, getting to know and perhaps marrying a partner, do you really think about what those words mean? Some of the more

9 Points-So You Impress Her

9 Points-So You Impress Her Are you ready for a relationship? Fortunately, the feedback we receive from the women who attend our dinners is mostly that they are very impressed with the calibre of men they meet at our dinners. Here are nine tips about what women notice about you when they meet you for

Do you find these things confusing about women? There are plenty of things that men find confusing about women. There are the mood swings, mixed messages and nightmare shopping trips. Here are some things that men told me they find mysterious and totally confusing about women.  Have you experienced any of these? 1. They can

5 secret things women look for at A Table for Six Would you like to know what women are really checking out about the men at our A Table for Six singles dinners? Some of the things that the women are taking note of when they meet you at dinner may surprise you. Or maybe