Online dating versus meeting face to face at friendly dinners A recent online dating report written by psychological Scientists revealed some interesting observations. One of the observations that seem to ring true is that by searching online through the listings of prospective singles to contact, there is a perspective that there are an unlimited number

The way you communicate with others has a huge effect on your relationships. Especially when single and meeting new people. When you attend a dinner, people will be meeting you and subconsciously making decisions about you. They will be noticing things such as your posture, your voice and the way you make eye contact. Successful

Meeting people in the real world

An article was published recently about the effectiveness of online dating. Some of their findings were about how people make decisions on who they will and won’t contact when they are browsing online dating sites. The report found that users were likely to focus on certain qualities they think are important in a potential partner,

Do we still enjoy courting?

Do we still enjoy courting? We have enjoyed courting from the beginning of time. But today there can be a general lack of trust and appreciation. Maybe this is caused by being hurt too many times. The courtship guidelines have become blurred. Men love to court ladies by calling for the date and holding the

What is the most important relationship in our lives? Our significant other, our parents or our children may spring to mind. These relationships are significant, but there is one other relationship that is with us all of our lives. Our relationship with ourselves has a huge impact on our lives. To have a healthy relationship

Ask when you meet someone appealing

“No” is just a word. It doesn’t mean anything else about you! If you asked someone for a contact to catch up again and they said “No,” don’t make it mean anything about you. There are many reasons why they may have declined. Most often it is because of something in their life. Perhaps they

Could you do with some dating optimism?

Could you do with some dating optimism? Well the best news is that you are enough just as you are. If you are clumsy, cheeky, uncertain, crazy, single, gorgeous, unorganised, super tidy, untidy or always late, you are unique and one of a kind. There is no one quite like you. If you are ever

If you asked your female friends who are married or in long term successful relationships if they were immediately attracted to their partner, what would they say? There’s a good chance they would tell you that there was no immediate attraction. When I have spoken to ladies who are married or long term successful relationships,

Obviously I’m not a man! But I do speak with a lot of men who contact us because they are single and would like to meet a suitable lady for a genuine relationship. Some of them decide to become a Platinum Member because they want to meet one on one with ladies we have selected

It’s a big ask

Have you ever been asked out for a meal or a drink and found yourself having a dialogue in your head about what could happen if you say yes? Would they fit in with my friends? Will they really “get” me? Would they make a good mother/father? Oops, I think we’re a bit ahead of