“I’ve been single for a few years now. My friends have set me up a few times. I’ve tried dating all sorts of people. I’m starting to think that my ideal partner doesn’t exist. Who would want to date me anyway?” It’s easy for people to say to you “Just stay positive and believe.” But

Do men like strong women?

Most of our male members that I speak with, say that they like a woman who is capable, smart and has interests of her own. They like a woman who has her own life, her own friends, hobbies and things they love to do. They like the idea of having a partner who will bring

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Prepare for your new relationship

One third of marriages are now expected to end in divorce. And yet, when it happens to us, we are often very surprised and/or devastated. The singles and dating scene seems intimidating. It’s a whole new ball game and seems so different than when we were younger. How should we even approach the daunting task

Relationships are the most important experience in our lives. Without relationships, we are nothing. They let us know who we are. We can only experience who we are in relationship to something or someone else. In relationships we also define and recreate who we are. We might decide that we are smarter, bigger, better at