Open Age

Special Event for 10.

How is it played? Think of it as darts with but with an Axe. A game comprises of 5 rounds of 5 throws. Points are made when the majority of the axe lands in an area of a circular target comprised of concentric rings (see image to right) The Blue ring is worth 1 point The Red ring is worth 3 points The Black ring is the bulls eye and gains 5 points The Green circle is worth 7 points only on the 5th throw.

Is it safe? Each thrower takes turns throwing their 5 axes in separate and dedicated throwing lanes. This prevents wayward axes going or coming into other lanes. Only the thrower permitted in the lane. Throwers waiting for their turn are behind a barrier. All throwers are taken through a tutorial on Throwing axes safely by our trained staff before each session.


* You must sign a waiver.

  • WHERE2/427 Montague Rd (CNR of Ferry Rd) West End
  • WHENSunday 24th February, 2019
  • AGEOpen
  • TERMSCancellation within 10 days forfeits points.