When will I know if I am included in the dinner?

We can assure you that we are doing our best to co ordinate all dinners and events in an appropriate time frame.

Confirmations are normally sent mid week for a Saturday night dinner however it always depends on the timing of responses to Invitations from other members and can be later. (Come on guys, the ladies are stars at registering in advance)

The protocol is that if you have not received a confirmation 48 hours prior to the dinner, you are welcome to make other arrangements but you must let us know. If you have registered and haven’t received a confirmation, it is because on this particular evening a suitable group hasn’t come together. Each time you attend one of our dinners, we ensure you have people to meet in your age group and we believe you can have an enjoyable evening together.

REMINDER: Need to cancel after registering? Get in touch ASAP. Restaurants now require a Credit Card Guarantee. Late Cancellations and Non-attendance will require Booking Fee payment.
Email Margaret : info@atableforsix.com.au