If it doesn’t steal your heart, it will certainly borrow it for a while

Thievery are mixing things up right. Inside this new Lebanese eatery, the joy of layering rich-on-rich is properly recognised. A tall dome of creamy hummus is doused with nutty, paprika-tinted melted butter, and smoke-rich baba ganoush is served with a generous folding of crunchy pinenuts and big dollops of tart, full-bodied sheep’s yoghurt.

It’s clever cooking. Which makes sense, given the head chef is Jordan Muhamad, late of Rockpool and Chin Chin. Boosting street cred is consulting chef Julian Cincotta, the 2015 Josephine Pignolet Chef of the Year, and Nomad and Rockpool alumnus. It isn’t hard to see the duo’s stamp on the menu – nothing lands on the table that doesn’t provoke fireworks on the palate. And a testy dish like the fried chicken in the ‘LFC’ is super crisp, the meat within just cooked, keeping the juiciness intact. Its accompanying jet-black dip turns out to be squid ink infused toum (garlic sauce), complementing the meat with a sour/salty vibe.

The drinks here are as good as the food. The Lebanese-themed cocktails include the Wet Rose, which tastes just as you’d expect it to based on that name: floral and soft, perfumed by tea-infused vodka, pomegranate and rosewater. The Baby Got Baklava is like an Amaretto Sour tinged with pistachio and honey, and a good dose of bourbon and Amaretto to keep things friendly.

  • WHERE91 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
  • WHENSaturday 21 September 2019
  • AGE35-45yrs