You’re out of practise

Most of you love me, but every now and again one of you hate me. It’s true! Because I offer a service to singles, I am sometimes coming into contact with people who are at different stages in their lives when it comes to relationships. They’ve had a variety of experiences in their lives, and

“I believe there are two cycles of energy operating in the world at all times: the “Garbage Cycle” and the “Promise Cycle.” ~ David J Pollard Pollard believes we all choose moment to moment which cycle we live in. In his book “The law of the Garbage cycle” Pollard describes how the Garbage cycle is

“Your future depends on many things, but mostly on you” ~Frank Tyger That’s hard to hear isn’t it? We can’t really blame our parents, our upbringing, the economy or anyone else. It would be so much easier if we could. We’ve all heard people complaining that they didn’t  have the upbringing or the opportunities. Possibly

It’s a famous question and it’s asked often. “What sort of people will I meet at dinner?” That’s exactly the same I question I would ask if I was inquiring about becoming a member of a Singles group! What exactly is it that they are looking for? We all know there’s plenty of singles out

What is the story you tell about yourself? You’re just about to ask that lady/gentleman you’ve met and really like, to join you for a drink or a walk on Sunday. But, instead you just freeze, smile, nod. You’re paralysed by the fear of getting a no. Or, you almost say yes to a friend’s

Have you ever wondered why you are fascinated by some people and not by others? Have you ever dreamed of being more fascinating yourself in your personal life? What does it really mean? A couple of definitions I found of “fascination” – “The capability of eliciting intense interest or of being very attractive.” “A feeling

If you are new to the dating scene, you may not be sure of your self-confidence. And you may be wondering how important is it in attracting a suitable partner anyway. According to many studies it is very important. We are not talking about arrogance, snobbishness or believing you are better than others. Real self-confidence

A little maturity is a good thing because hopefully we have gained some wisdom and learned from life experiences. Like most of us, I wish I could go back and tell my younger self that there is nothing wrong with the way I am and it’s ok if some people don’t like me or “get

Why do people join A Table for Six?

Ever wondered what is the top reason that attracts people to A Table for Six? Every day we speak to people who find themselves single again perhaps after long relationships. They may have dabbled on the internet dating sites and taken themselves along to some large group singles events. Their well meaning friends and family

New friends, fresh perspective to life

Life events such as moving to another suburb or city, changing your work circumstances or divorce can isolate us from our former group of friends. Friends are an important part of a well-rounded life. Some practical suggestions below may help you expand your social circle or to  reinforce your existing friendships. Stay true to yourself.