Last chance for dinners this year

The dinners this weekend are the last ones for this year. I hope you’ll join in on a dinner this Saturday. We will be on leave next week 15th to 22nd December for a much anticipated break. We are truly grateful to you for choosing us to go on your (singles) journey with. You are 

I often speak to people who say, “I am a bit too shy and nervous to meet strangers.” or “I’m not sure I would fit in with people I’m meeting.” This would suggest that these people have resigned to believing they can’t alter their perception of themselves or for that matter, their behaviour. Science continues

Do you ever feel as though you would like to meet someone who gets you? You know the feeling when you meet someone new and you really have the feeling that this person is listening and actually hearing what you are saying. You feel as though they are, if even for a moment, stepping into

Maybe you’ve just come out of a long relationship and you’re not ready for dating just yet. Most of your friends are married or in relationships. They worry about you and try to make suggestions on where to go to meet a new partner. You are getting your self together, taking up some new interests,

Nothing to lose and everything to gain

Before you attend our dinners, and also before you go out at anytime, give yourself a talking to. Remind yourself that you may meet the man/woman of your dreams. But, even if you don’t, he/she may live next door to them. Or, you never know, he/she may invite you along to meet a group of

I received an email today from one of our lovely members. She (let’s name her Sally) has noticed how much I love to send inspiring messages to our members. My motivation in sending these messages, is that someone reading may hear something they needed to hear at that time. Something that could make a difference

Are you are holding on to negative beliefs about finding new friends, meeting a suitable partner and dating? Your mind is very powerful. The stories you tell yourself can either hold you back and prevent positive change in your life or they can allow new wonderful people to come into your life and new relationships

When we were children , we had big dreams. We believed we could be anything  we wished and could have anything we desired. What happened to those dreams? Life inevitably sends us knocks. And then fear and doubt chip away at our dreams until they’re reduced to memories and wishes that might have been. There

This story is inspired by some of our members who provide feedback that they didn’t enjoy the dinner they attended for some reason. We feel for them and can only send them love and try to help them to take a look at things in a different way. Let’s call her Tammy. Tammy had shared

There are some attitudes that are proven to give us a higher likelihood of finding a long-term partner. If we embrace these attitudes, it could very well mean that we will find a “Mr or Ms Right’ a lot sooner. The attitudes that are included in this category are:     When you meet someone with