Brasserie l’Entrec么te, Pymble, Sydney

Bienvenue 脿 Brasserie l鈥橢ntrec么te

Brasserie l鈥橢ntrec么te takes a nod from the original 鈥淟e Relais de l鈥橢ntrec么te鈥 the famous one dish steakhouse that opened in 1959 in Porte Maillot, Paris.

The concept is simple, an amazing quality Sirloin Steak, accompanied by the delicious secret sauce, crispy homemade french fries, a simple salad & a glass of wine.

Nothing more, Nothing less 鈥

  • WHERE 1047 Pacific Highway, Pymble
  • WHENSaturday 14th May, 2022
  • AGE55-65YRS
  • REMINDER:Need to cancel after registering? Get in touch ASAP. Restaurants now require a Credit Card Guarantee. Late Cancellations and Non-attendance will require Booking Fee payment.