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Easy! Hit that big orange JOIN NOW button below (khaki, if you're colour-blind) and just fill out the form. We'll ask a little about you, what type of personality you are and the usual questions you find on any web-form. From there, you can pay using your credit card - our Events Team will do the rest!

We list all our upcoming dinners on our "EVENTS PAGE".  Simply click on an event that you think you'd like, check the details and click the REGISTER YOUR INTEREST button.

Our Events Team will grab all the registrations for the event and put them on the invite list. From there,  they'll check that the ages are appropriate and try to make sure you'll have a fun evening.

Once we've got our final list of attendees, our Events Team will send out a Confirmation email and  text message to let you know that you're attending.

After each event - you'll receive an email from our Events Team asking for feedback on the event and to give you the opportunity to request the number of anyone that caught your eye...or maybe just a new friend.

You can try! Everyone feels young at heart and most people think they look younger than they are. And who are we to argue? However, our events team will only consider you if the age group is appropriate. For example, let's say it's a dinner event for 40-50yrs and you're 55. If everyone else is around 40, then you likely won't get in. If they're all nudging 50, then you might get lucky!

Simple answer...no. We need all our Members to complete the online form so we know a little about you as well as your ID to check your age.  Sorry, but we have to be fair to everyone.

The vast majority of our dinner events are held on a Saturday evening.

Generally, we'll book a restaurant for 7:30pm but, on the odd ocassion, we'll only have the option of 7pm or 8:30pm.

No. You do need to be a Member to attend our Singles Dinners.  Your friend can find all the information on our Membership Page.

Yes you can.  You can pause your Membership at any time, perhaps you may be dating, maybe you're away on holiday.  You can restart your Membership by just letting us know.

You bet! Feel free to register your interest the same way and if a suitable group comes together for you we’ll send through confirmation with all of the details.
On occasion, you may have registered for a dinner event but a suitable table hasn't come together. This can happen for a variety of reasons; the number of people booking in, people you've already met, the final age-group wasn't appropriate for you, etc.