How to stay positive until Mr/Ms Right comes along

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“I’ve been single for a few years now. My friends have set me up a few times. I’ve tried dating all sorts of people. I’m starting to think that my ideal partner doesn’t exist. Who would want to date me anyway?” Does this sound like you?

How to stay positive

It’s easy for people to say to you “Just stay positive and believe.” But that’s not always so easy. Especially when you’ve put yourself out there to ask someone out and they knocked you back or they decide they want to be just friends.

A good way to think about it is “Would you date yourself?”  To keep yourself going and to stay positive, list all of your best qualities. Don’t be stingy! Include everything you can possibility think of. Little children love me…..I’m a great cook……..I make people feel at ease…My ears are very cute……

List as many things as you can possibly think of. Be lavish in your praise for yourself. Once you realise what a good catch you are, you’ll become more attractive to others. Write your list and add to it every time you think of something else to add. Ask your friends to contribute as well. You’ll be surprised what they will say that you hadn’t even thought of. Keep the list somewhere you can see it everyday to remind you that anyone would be lucky to have you as a partner.

How to stay positive

You can also use this opportunity to recognise anything about yourself that could do with some tweaking. If you have some true friends who can be straight with you, they may point out some behaviour that could be holding you back in this quest. If their intentions are for your betterment, listen and take on board their comments.

It’s never about the girls or guys out there. It’s always about you and where your focus is. Be certain about your value and others will recognise it too.

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