Stop cheating yourself of love

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Stop cheating yourself of love

A year from now you may wish you had started today

Today you woke up with the desire to finally make a change in your social and dating life. You felt motivated, inspired and ready to take the first step.

You decided to take yourself out to where you could meet some likely singles for a new relationship.

Stop cheating yourself of love

Stop cheating yourself of love

Suddenly you found out that things seem a bit more complicated, confusing and unfeasible.

You start to realise that it’s going to be neither easy or fast to meet people you relate to, have the same values as you, or want the same commitment in a relationship.

Eventually, you arrive at the point when you don’t feel like “conquering your dating life” today. However, you are sure that you’ll be ready to nail it in a while. Some day soon you will sort it out. Just not today…

Sound familiar?

Committing to big goals is hard and it’s no wonder why.  Putting off decisions to take a situation in hand is a common frailty of the human condition.

We are all bad at committing to the activities that require major, effort time and talent.

When it is hard to see the finish line, our desire to take action gradually vanishes. Then, procrastination comes into play.

Embrace the truth. You can achieve anything you desire. The only thing that is stopping you are your laziness, reluctance, and the lack of discipline. And, the major obstacle is the tendency to procrastinate.

I’m sure you have a goal to meet interesting, inquiring, engaging single people.

However, just like millions of people, you decide it is too hard and put off doing anything about it. You postpone the beginning till “someday” trying to convince yourself that there will be a better time. The weather will be better. I will have finished my studies. My children will have left home.

For many people, later often means never.

There is no doubt, you might still get there one day. However, it’s going to happen much later. The secret to meeting your new friends and partner is ridiculously simple: start now.

It’s ok to be a little slow. Because being slow is better then being stagnant. Take a look back and think how much of your precious time you have wasted over the last few years by not taking some action.

Now think how much different your life could be now if you hadn’t been procrastinating, having negative thoughts, complaining to our friends and family and feeling sorry for yourself.

Stop cheating yourself now. There will never be a better time to start. The best time is now.

Here is a powerful quote by Karen Lamb.

A year from now you may wish you had started today

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