Need A Confidence Boost?

A Table For Six @at46_au 2 min read Need A Confidence Boost? Feb 2, 2023 Life throws curveballs at you regardless of how positive you are. To be fair, life without ups and downs would be very boring. We often find ourselves to be not as upbeat as usual. It sometimes happens when you have

A Table For Six @at46_au 5 min read 3 Mistakes To Avoid While Dating In 2023 Jan 28, 2023 The dating world can be a scary and confusing one to navigate. The search for love is one of the most important activities we, as humans, engage in. Sometimes our efforts in finding companionship come from

Are you ready for a new relationship?

Are you ready for a new relationship? Relationships are not black and white. Is the old relationship really dead? Should I be going out to meet someone else? Or should I just wait to see how my old relationship pans out? Sometimes we struggle to know when is the time to take the step to

Ask for his number. It is easy

“No” is just a word. It doesn’t mean anything else about you! If you asked someone for a contact to catch up again and they said “No,” don’t make it mean anything about you. There are many reasons why they may have declined. Most often it is because of something in their life. Perhaps they

Four ways to gain confidence in dating. Get my weekly blog here If you are clumsy, cheeky, uncertain, crazy, single, gorgeous, unorganised, super tidy, untidy or always late, you are unique and one of a kind. There is no one quite like you. If you are ever dating someone who makes you feel like you