Which Qualities are attractive in a Partner?  There are qualities that most emotionally mature people would find attractive and desirable in a partner. There may be attraction, but are they realistically going to fit into your world, or you into theirs? Here are some qualities I believe they would be hoping to find: That you

Meet At Dinner? 8 Good Reasons

Meet At Dinner? 8 Good Reasons Who will I meet at dinner? Before you attend our dinners, remind yourself that you may meet the man/woman of your dreams. But, even if you don’t, he/she may live next door to them. Or, you never know, he/she may invite you along to meet a group of their

Why Is A Table For Six so Popular?

A Table For Six @at46_au 3 min read With so many singles choosing A Table for Six, there are lots of new members for you to meet at dinners. Why is A Table for Six so popular? Your referrals are probably the best way of getting the word out. Plus, whenever you refer anybody who

 Don’t forget to celebrate your dating progress. So often we have a big goal in mind. We know exactly what we want. “I want a husband/wife?partner who I adore and who adores me.” Maybe they are nowhere in sight just yet. However, It’s important to remember and acknowledge the progress you have made towards your

I’m Margaret Newitt… Meet in person Small group dinners will have you meeting other like-minded singles in person. You will have the opportunity to meet them face to face and get to know them a little in the group situation. Relaxed, no pressure Because there is often a group of six, three men and 3

Our members meet wonderful new friends and fall in love at A Table for Six dinners every week. We’ve left 2022 behind. Some of our members won’t be returning to dinners this year. They met a special someone at our dinners. Someone they love to spend time with. YOU are needed to meet the new

The future Of Dating

The future Of Dating In a world that is ever-changing, it’s hard to predict what the future holds. But one things for certain: the way we date will continue to evolve. In 2022, dating is more complex than ever before. With new challenges comes new opportunities. Here are a few of the challenges we anticipate

ONLINE DATING vs Meeting at our Dinners

ONLINE DATING vs Meeting at our Dinners. Meet the best singles at A Table for Six Would you enjoy having your dinners all organised for you?
 Some people find the whole process of online dating very time consuming. Going through profiles, taking the time to contact people with varying results. But a very common story

Single? Too Fabulous to Settle?

Single? Too Fabulous to Settle?   Dating again after being in a long term relationship can feel like you’ve been thrown out into the ocean without a life raft. Here’s a few tips that should help you get back into the dating game and enjoying your freedom. Leave your baggage at home-We’ve all got some.

Ladies, This Is How We Differ To Men

Compared to men, women overthink everything. Being a woman myself, I realise we do this, but what I didn’t realise is how different the genders are. Men don’t obsess about every little word that comes out of our mouth. They don’t think the worst or need to have a heart to heart over nothing. In